Copy of Screenplays


Never Friend your EX ©

Everyone knows this guy:  The boss's son, silver spoon, top of his class, takes over Daddy's business and lives happily ever after with his perfect wife and his perfect family.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  That man doesn't exist, and the last guy to figure this out is the man himself, Nick Franklin.  He unleashes a world of pain and suffering when, against the advice of wife, he friends his ex-girlfriend on Facebook.  Nick soon learns that he has been accused of stalking, and the only way to prove his innocence and catch the real criminal is to become a stalker himself.

The Tinderland Map  ©

Imagine that everything you were raised to believe, everything you were told about the nature of good and evil and religion, about God and man, has a literal truth. It is a truth so close to our everyday reality that you can almost taste it, and it is real.  Good and Evil grasp each other's throat at every moment of every day.  They are waging a battle for the souls of every human that has or ever will live, and that war has taken a turn for the worse.  The map, the map of hell, crafted by God's Angels over two thousand years ago, has been stolen, and through a twist of fate, fallen into the hands of Master Sergeant John Tinderland.  THe timing could not be worse for humanity.  Master Sergeant Tinderland has lost his faith.  He witnessed the deaths of his entire squad at the hands of evil, and his only thought is revenge.

A Sister in

Los Angeles  ©

Kathy Washington has just returned home, a day early, from the most successful business trip of her already stellar career.  She has become the rising star in the Mergers and Acquisitions firmament, and she has just found her beloved husband in bed with another woman.  In shock, she does the first thing that comes to her mind.  She gets in her car, and drives to see her sister in Los Angeles.  Google Maps puts the mileage from New Caanan, CT to Los Angeles, CA at 2842 miles, and she will need every mile, and the help of some very strange passengers, to figure out if or how she will save her marriage.